Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Determined One

The Determined One
8" x 8" Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel
Contemporary Rooster
#7 of the 30-30 Challenge
Here we go with another rooster....I really hadn't planned on painting roosters for this challenge, but I can't help it!  This guy is very intense and has a one-track mind.  He doesn't care what is going on around him with a "look"that only a confident and goal-oriented rooster would have.  I put the fun turquoise background in, and thought that the black confetti would distract him, but it didn't.  This rooster was originally from the State Fair of Texas and my inspiration was a photograph that I had taken several years ago in one of the Ag barns.   Thanks for viewing this blog....be sure to go to Slices of Life by Leslie Saeta to view all the wonderful art posted for the 30 Day Challenge.  Feel free to contact me on this painting at kay@kwyne.com.....thanks, KMW


  1. Love the attitude in this guy. Understand what you mean about your "theme"...once you get started with a subject, it's hard to change gears. (Try to make ACA tonight...)

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yes on tonight. KMW

  2. Another very cool rooster. Love this challenge. Really love looking at this painting too!

  3. Love the backgrounds you've painted for the last two roosters! Your roosters are making a very nice series!

  4. Thanks for the comments......more roosters on the easel! I hope everyone is having fun with this challenge......KMW