Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Evil Look

The Evil Look
Here is a quick revision to my blog!
O.K. here is my post for day one of the challenge.....I ran to the studio quickly painted this little 8" x 6" RayMar Panel so that I won't be behind.  There, completely caught up on the challenge!
Thanks for looking....Kay
30" x 30" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Rooster Painting
I thought I would post my first painting for the Leslie Saeta 30 day challenge, but I don't have my painting ready.....I will be the end of the day.  Not a good way to start the new year out, but I got side-tracked yesterday and did not paint.  If you would like to join the challenge or follow the artists, just go to Leslie's blog:
Slices of Life by Leslie Saeta
Thanks for looking - Kay


  1. I like all your roosters. He definitely has an evil eye! Trying to complete a painting in one day could become stressful, I think, but I'm going to try to have fun with it. I won't get 30 done but at least I'm motivated to paint rather than sit on the couch and read blogs... but uh oh, that's what I'm doing right now!!

  2. Great start Kay! And a rooster is perfect for your first one. Love his evil eye!

  3. I am up early for day two....need to get busy....I can't wait to see everyone's work!!! Thanks for your comments.