Friday, December 31, 2010

Farmer's Market - SOLD

Farmers Market - SOLD
24" x 36" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
This contemporary oil painting is sold!
I just shipped it off this week to a collector in Richmond, VA.
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful artful year. I appreciate your support and interest in my art. I hope that 2011 is a happy and healthy year for you and your family.
Happy New Year! Kay or 214-532-0325

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Horizon Series: Abstract #1027

Horizon Series: Abstract 1027
Oil on 22" x 30" Gallery Wrap Canvas

This abstract went through alot of changes before it was completed. When I started it, I was using a totally different color scheme and did not know I was going in this direction. I applied layers and layers of color...there is alot of movement and depth in this abstract. I used both the brush and palette knife on this one. Lines, shapes, color and is all on this canvas. I really like this size hangs well above a dark piece of furnture or tilted up against the wall, sitting on a table or cabinet. This contemporary abstract is on gallery wrap canvas, so no frame is needed. It is ready to hang! Thanks so much for viewing this blog. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this painting. Have a great day! Kay
Contact me: or 214-532-0325.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Garbage Truck & Dumpster - Commission - SOLD

This is a 16" x 20" oil painting on canvas. I was commissioned to paint...and I must say that sometime back in September I was struggling. I called the client who wanted this as a Christmas gift for her husband to check in and gift her a report on the progress of the painting. I was not real jazzed about the subject matter, and wanted to make the painting interesting to the viewer. She told me that I could do whatever I wanted with the painting, but the dumpster, truck and lettering needed to be included. She also told me that she did not think there was anything sexy about a garbage truck!!! (oh how true) Anyway, this painting is finished and was under the Christmas tree for the Brown Family. Thanks for viewing this blog...I am heading back to the studio today to throw some paint around now that all of my holiday guests have left. Have an artful day. Kay

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from Kay!

Merry Christmas...I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas with family and loved ones. I will be out of the studio for several days spending time with the fam. Here we are a couple of months ago at Wes & Lindsay's wedding. It's nice that we added a new stocking to the fireplace this year! Merry Christmas to you and yours. From John, Kay & Blake Wyne; Wes & Lindsay Henry.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheers to Twenty Years

Cheers to Twenty Years
Commission for Taste of the NFL
Mixed Media - 30" x 24" Gallery Wrap Canvas

“Cheers to Twenty Years” is a mixed media art piece exploring the purpose of The Taste of the NFL, the chefs, and events that have taken place in the past twenty years. It is a work of art celebrating the parties with purpose. The canvas tells the story of many memories past…ticket stubs, cookbook covers, wine labels, the thirty-two NFL teams, chefs, and the mission statement. The longhorn, bandana and map of North Texas add a Texas flavor to the canvas. A wine glass and confetti are reminders of parties past. Deep rich colors, lines, shapes and images allow the eye to move all over the canvas. I was truly inspired by the commitment and generosity of so many people who have been associated with this organization. My goal was to capture and celebrate the spirit of The Taste of the NFL on canvas.
I can't wait for Super Bowl time in Texas!!! Thanks to Heather Walther and Heritage Auction Galleries for photographing the canvas. Special thanks to Liz Brown and Taste of the NFL for giving me the opportunity to work on this project. I enjoyed every minute of it, and we are looking forward to the Taste of the NFL events coming to North Texas in February 2011! Thanks for viewing my art...Kay

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Abstract Aspens

Abstract Aspens
Palette Knive Painting
Oil on 20" x 24" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Finished! I have several other paintings at the studio that I am working on...if you look closely you can see some other images other than the aspens. I used LOTS of paint....especially since I accidently squirted some out of the tube, on to the floor and did not want to waste it. Thanks for viewing this blog! Have an artful day....

Monday, December 20, 2010

On my easel...

This is what I painted on is a 16" x 20" canvas. I wanted paint something fun, fast and colorful. I got carried away with the green, so I tried to tone it down with Prussian Blue and a Violet Chrome. tone. Then I thought my background was too golden/yellow. So I used Yellow Ochre and went that route to make it more earthy. Carol, Suzy and Michael were at the studio for a while...I painted at the studio for several hours by alternative was Christmas shopping or cleaning house. So I stayed at the studio with my paints and didn't shop or clean! I guess you can tell where my priorities are. Maybe I will make more progress tomorrow on this painting...maybe I will get the palette knives out. Thanks for viewing this blog! Kay

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Haubold Homecoming...still wet!

The Haubold Homecoming
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
I wanted to capture the excitement, love and big hug when Stacy and Kyle saw each other after months of being thousands of miles apart. The photograph that I used for a reference had more detail, more people and more things going on around the couple. I loved the flowers in his hand as he squeezed sweet Stacy when he came off the submarine. I almost painted in all the people in the background, but I wanted all the focus to be on the couple, and wanted to paint a very simple painting. I used broad, flat brush strokes and bold color. It was a fun painting to paint. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Haubold on the reunion in Hawaii!
And by the way, you have to come to Dallas to pick up your painting.
Merry Christmas from Mama Kay!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fifteen Minute Flip Flop

Quick Fifteen Minute Painting
Beachy Flip Flops
I have been finishing up two commission pieces at the studio, and had some paint leftover on my palette...I needed to paint something loose and colorful. So here you go...Beachy Flip Flops...this oil is on a 12" x 12" gessoed masonite. I used a wide flat brush and cut loose with the colors. No detail on this one. When you are working on a piece that requires FC (the dreaded Forced Creativity) it helps to jump on a canvas that you don't have to think about, stew about, or push yourself into FC. I will not post three of my commissions until after Christmas since they are gifts for some. Thanks for viewing this blog...Kay

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rudy Rooster - Palette Knife Painting by Kay

12" x 16" Oil on Canvas
Palette Knife Painting
I finally finished a painting yesterday. I have many paintings going, and either I am stuck or uninspired to work on them. This guy is very wet...I really layered the paint on with the knife. I think he will look great framed up in a dark wood moulding. Thanks for viewing this blog.
Please contact me if you are interested in this would make a great Christmas gift for someone! or 214-532-0325.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cardinal Nest

Cardinal Nest
Oil on Canvas
9" x 12"
Now hanging at The Texas Discovery Gardens located in Fair Park in Dallas, this exhibit ends on December 31st.

I have been working at the studio all week on some commissions. I hope to have some new work to post next week. I could post some pics if I would remember to take my camera to the studio! Thanks so much for checking out this blog...happy painting.