Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bovine Beauty

Bovine Beauty
Oil on 11" x 14" canvas
I painted this beauty over the weekend. I had alot of fun painting this fellow. He is one of Jerry Miller's bulls down in the hill country. The paint was applied with a wide brush, and then I got out the palette knife and put buttery layers of paint on him. It is hard to tell how long it will take to dry. I had to work off of a photograph that I took about a month ago. I hope to start a still life today. Can't wait to get to the studio! Have an artful day, and thanks for looking at this blog! You can contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece of art. He will look handsome framed up.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Elsie by Kay Wyne

Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"
Currently at Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas
I am posting Elsie because I started another cow yesterday at the studio. It had been a week since I painted, and I must admit that I was getting pretty cranky from the lack of painting. I hope to get back down there today and work on my new painting, and take some pics of what is on the easel. It looks like another hot day in Dallas. Stay cool, and thanks for looking at my blog!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calf in Plein Air

Calf in Plein Air
10" x 10" Oil on gessoed masonite
$170 Framed
This little calf was down at Jerry Miller's ranch in the hill country. She had a very sweet face, and was about the only animal on the ranch who cooperated with me...she was not on the move and I was able to really study her. I wanted to capture her innocent face just looking out as she laid under the tree. She was watching all the activity going on...lots of longhorns, bulls, dogs, horses and even a rattlesnake was seen that afternoon. And of course, all of us painting and taking photos as we were taking the Karen Bonnie workshop. I finished the grass and a few details up yesterday in the studio, so this painting is very wet. I will frame her up in a gold plein air frame. If you are interested in this painting, please contact me. I hope that you have an artful day, and Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there...especially Charlie Miller!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"
This still life is full of color...I wanted to get the depth in the flowers and create a sense of fullness. It looks great in a gold frame. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing. Have a great day! Kay@kwyne.com or 214-532-0325

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wimiberly Workshop with Colorado Artist Karen Bonnie

We were greeted by a couple of donkeys as we were driving to our second location to paint. Belinda and Karen had to stop and visit with them.
Jerry and Chelsea Miller were taking a break, visiting with Karen...watching us paint. It was a good painting experience. I need to post some of my paintings from the workshop. En plein air....painting outside is challenging if you are use to painting in a studio. It was a great time, learned alot and made new art friends! This baby was very good - she was resting under the shade tree. I loved her deep rich color on her coat.
This handsome guy is going to be on a canvas soon. He was very spunky. This is just one of many longhorns and bulls.... at Jerry Miller's ranch. It hard trying to paint them...they moved around, never stood still. I want to capture the movement and strength these bovines have.
Karen Bonnie was giving us instructions on the bone structure of a horse. This horse was a great model for us. We were fighting the heat, bugs and wind...painting outside in the elements takes some talent! We all learned alot about the anatomy of the horse. It was very cool when Karen pulled out her skulls...lots of sketching before painting.
I can't wait to start a series of longhorns and horses...Thanks for viewing this blog. Have an artful day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Horizon Series: Abstract 1023
18" x 18" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Oil Paint and Oil Stick
This abstract is painted with my oil paints, and then I went in with oil pastels in a stick---they are different, and fun to experiment with. There are layers of paint and color....applied with brush and palette knife. I wanted to create movement and excitement with the shapes and colors. Thanks for viewing this blog!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

R4 Taking a Look

R4 Taking a Look
Oil on canvas
12" x 24"
This painting is finished! The location of the hiker is in the northeast, possibly Maine. The reference photograph that I had was not the best quality, but I think I captured the grandness and beauty of nature The hiker is standing on a ledge, looking out, taking a break. It will be drying for a while before I can ship to my client.
Have an artful day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It Takes Two

It Takes Two
8" x 8" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Oil Painting
This little cupcake painting is plain and simple...a couple of decorated cupcakes sitting on the kitchen counter. The sprinkles are scattered on the frosting and counter. I am sure that you can imagine them in your kitchen. They are waiting to be gobbled up. This fun little painting would make a great birthday gift! Contact me if you are interested in purchasing....
Have an artful day, and thanks for viewing this blog!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Hot Pepper

One Hot Pepper
Oil on 6" x 8" Cotton Panel
This little painting was recently sold. This was one that I had painted when at the Carol Marine Workshop in Salado, Texas. I think I will paint some more peppers...everyone loves them, and they are great little paintings for the kitchen. Thanks for viewing this blog! Stay cool.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


(this Rooster needs a name!)
Oil on 12" x 12" canvas
I just finished this painting, and haven't had time to give him a name...if you have any suggestions, please let me know. He is colorful and the paint is still very wet. There is alot of texture on the canvas...I used a palette knife and brush to apply the paint. Thanks for viewing this blog and the art. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this painting. Thanks!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Trinity River Nest

Trinity River Nest
18" x 18" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
This contemporary oil painting is finished, signed and drying at the studio. I put some finishing touches on it yesterday, and it should be good and dry for the Texas Discovery Gardens Exhibit. I love to work on series of paintings, so I will be doing some more Nest Paintings for the exhibit. I was also able to almost complete the chocolate lab and landscape commission pieces. Thanks for viewing this blog, and I hope that you have an artful day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

On my easel...

On my easel...some kind of nest. Karen Rike took the reference photo for the painting at the Trinity River Audubon Center near Dallas. We are preparing for an exhibit at the Texas Discovery Gardens this fall.
I was able to go to the studio yesterday and escape the 100 degree day... Studio Art and Soul is such a neat place to go and be creative. (and stay cool!) Be sure to check out the blog and website for the studio. We are learning more about TEXAS DISCOVERY GARDENS and paint the amazing scenes of the Trinity River. Currently all eleven of us from the studio have a show at the THE WINE THERAPIST in Dallas. That show will be coming down at the end of this week, so if you haven't had a chance to stop by please do!!!
Laying out the painting on Friday....Looks very abstract, but after spending some time on it, it is evolving. I hope to work on this painting this afternoon...and finish up two commission pieces. Have an artful day! Thanks for viewing this blog.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Texas Wildflowers

Texas Wildflowers
24" x 24" Oil on Canvas
I am posting this painting, Texas Wildflowers today --- it will probably strike a cord with some of you. I missed the peek of the wildflowers and blue bonnets in the Hill Country. But got some great photos of the Texas landscape when I was at the Karen Bonnie workshop in Wimberly. A family trip to Illinois was a great change of scenery, and it is always good to go back home to visit. Now that I am back in Dallas, I will be going to the studio and painting from my travels. Please contact me if you are interested in this painting. Thanks for looking at my blog!