Friday, May 1, 2009

Horizon Series: Abstract 1

This is a small 6" x 8" abstract on cotton panel. I have started a series of abstracts. They are untitled as of now. If you have any ideas for a title, please let me know. I am open to anything! I framed three of them up yesterday at the studio and they look handsome in black frames. This painting is very wet because I have layers and layers of paint, applied with the palette knife. I welcome your feed-back on my paintings...if it floats your boat or sinks it. I can't wait to work on my red (and I do mean red) abstract today. In an attempt to finish all of my unfinished, almost completed and just started work, my painting challenge today will be with a sheep...hope to post it soon. I struggled with it yesterday, so hopefully I will be in love with my paint brush today.


  1. I admire your abstracts - they seem to flow out of you. I struggle. AS for naming them - "Forget about it!"

  2. I could probably do a series of paintings titled Forget About It! Thanks!