Sunday, May 24, 2009

contemporary cow

This painting is still on the easel. Only needs some high lights and a little more work on the eyes. This is one of the good looking cows that roamed the Martin Farm in south Texas. We had an artist's retreat there in March. As you can see, my photograph is on the left, and the 8" x 10" canvas is on the right. Not a great photo, but it gives me a chance to look at the painting. It is always good to stand back and view your art from a distance. It certainly looks better from afar than up close. I can see that I need to hit the nose and forehead with some lighter touches of paint. I also need to put the identification tag on his ear. It is orange and will blend in with his coloring. I don't know why I like cows...I don't know much about them, and I certainly don't get to see them very often since I live in the city. I probably need to name this cow...actually, I don't know if it is a male or female. I was kind of thinking of the name Maude. What do you think? I think she looks like a Maude. Let me know!!

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  1. Oh I would just be delighted for you to paint Tyler. I have a few pics if you don't have one you want to use...Woo hoo this will be so neat to watch him unfold on canvas! - We miss Lindsay already! - Sarah