Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Farmer's Market

I am posting a rather large painting today. 24" x 36" on gallery wrap canvas. Lots of different colors and brushstrokes. My inspiration for this painting came while walking around the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning. I would like to pull out my photos from that day and paint some more colorful flowers.
I am anxious to work on my New Orleans painting today. And of course I want to start my barn series after taking the Historic Barn tour in Illinois. I have a customer who is interested in some abstracts, and hope to do a commission piece for her. I will meet with her this weekend. Of course when I get in front of the easel, I might not be in the mood to finish what is sitting in front of me. Many times I get bored with a current painting and jump around from canvas to canvas. I wonder how many artists feel that way---planning to paint a particular painting, but the mood just doesn't hit you right. It could be Adult Artist ADHD Syndrome. (is there such a condition?) Hmmmm...something to think about!

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