Thursday, April 30, 2009



Today's posting is a 6" x 12" gallery wrap canvas oil painting of Paco, a donkey. This donkey lives in downtown Dallas. There is a fun gas station, Fuel City located downtown. It has the best tacos in Dallas---actually, in the state of Texas according to Texas Monthly. It is a unique place--with swimming pool, gas pumps, tacos, beer, and a large patch of land with a few donkeys and several longhorns.

When my husband and I were down at Fuel City in February, this donkey ran up to me and started honking....making all kinds of noise. Thank heavens there was a fence between us. He is a real character. I sold this painting yesterday...thanks, Belinda. It will have a new home in Austin. This is a fun, painterly piece and I am thrilled that Belinda will hang it in her new home. I took a quick pic of it, not a very good picture because my expert photographer, Karen was not at the studio. Karen does an excellent job on photography.

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