Monday, April 6, 2009


This painting is on a 30" X 30" gallery wrap canvas. Rather large. It was auctioned off at the Turtle Creek Chorale fundraiser for $700 on Saturday night. I used a palette knife when applying the most of the paint, but there are some brush strokes in there. I was wanting to create movement and interest in the piece. Like most of my paintings, I used color and texture to express the mood and create contrast. I want to than the person or persons who purchased this painting, and hope that it has a happy new home.
p.s. I should thank my good friend Sue Cangelosi for her support and encouragement on abstracts. She is a huge fan of abstracts. I probably would not of painted this painting without her artful advice.

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  1. I love this abstract and also the one hanging in my house. Keep it up! Sue