Saturday, February 21, 2015

On My Easel...

Landscape Painting On My Easel
30" x 30" Canvas
On my easel...this is a 30" x 30" oil painting.  I took photographs along the way because it is good for me to look at the stages I go through while painting on my computer.  This is where I left off yesterday.  There is glare where the wet paint is.  Here are a few shots of how my day in the studio went:

First thing I did was tone the canvas with some earthy orange and cad yellow.  Then started drawing with some raw umber on my filbert.  Just trying to lay it all out.  No details.  Put in a few darks.  I had plenty of diox and olive green on my palette, so picked up those colors to draw.
I wanted a road so the eye would be lead into the painting, and started mixing some greys, violets and turquoise for the sky.  The sky got really thick and juicy quickly. Used wide brushes, mostly filberts and brights.
At this point I couldn't decide how to make it more interesting, so I pulled out my palette knife and scraped and moved the paint around.  It was just what I needed for the sky.  Here is a close-up of the sky....lots of colors mixed together right on the canvas. I am trying to not lose my values....something that happens when I don't stand back away from the painting and look at what is going on.  More tomorrow...thanks for looking at this blog.  Contact Kay with any questions or comments.  Thanks!

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