Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the easel...

On the easel.....three paintings in progress.

I got to the studio yesterday afternoon, and worked until dark on these three a good start on the rooster. It is on a 30" x 30" it is going to be pretty large. I need to let the paint dry before I go in with the palette knife and really apply thick layers of paint. The saddle on the horse has bored me because it is standing action. I was using a reference photograph from the horse show I went to last month. (Maybe I need to talk to the horseman, Casey Settles about this.....) I am not sure what I am going to do to jazz it up. The race horse painting did have five horses in it, and I painted three of them out. I am not sure if I like the two horses...I might change my mind and put another one back in. It is good for me to see these paintings on the computer....and look at what changes need to be made. I welcome any suggestions!!!!
I am taking today off from the day at the Wyne house. We will head out to church, and I have made my chicken sour cream enchiladas for lunch. We are missing Blake today because he is working. But we do have Wes and Lindsay here with us....and Penny Lane (Blake's dog). I hope that you have a joyful Easter with your family and friends. Thanks for viewing this blog!

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