Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Rooster

City RoosterOil on 30" x 30" Canvas

This City Rooster lives a few blocks away from Studio Art and Soul. Heritage Village (formerly known as Old City Park) has some very interesting animals...my reference photo for this painting was taken by one of my studio partners, Sharon Hodges. She was kind enough to let me use a fabulous image that she captured with her camera.
This plump rooster has bold brush strokes, and fills the canvas with his black and white feathers. His golden beak, red comb and black and white feathers make this contemporary City Rooster interesting. The background was applied with a palette knife, using naples yellow, white and yellow ochre. I signed this feathered creature, and will have it framed at Dutch Art Gallery. I think this City Rooster will look great in a gold frame. Thanks for viewing this blog. Please contact me if you are interested in City Rooster!

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