Friday, January 29, 2010

Once In A Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon
16" x 20" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Oil Painting
Once in a Blue Moon ... a phrase that we have all heard. This was a topic of conversation in the Wyne house is a common way of saying not very often, but what exactly is a Blue Moon? It is the second Full Moon to occur in a single calendar month. That occured last December, when we had a Full Moon on the 2nd and the 31st. According to the experts, there will be 41 months that have two Full Moons in every century, so you could say that once in a Blue Moon actually means once every two-and-a-half years.
Once in a Blue Moon is also a title for lyrics to the Van Morrison song....
Once in a blue moon
Something good comes along
Once in a blue moon
Everything's not going wrong
When you get weary
Beating on the same old gong
Once in a blue moon
Someone like you comes along
When I started the above painting, I had a collage look going, starting with the words, Once in a Blue Moon painted on the canvas several times. If you look closely you can see them under the layers of paint. You can also see two images of horses, geometric figures and layers of paint along with oil crayons. There is alot of movement in the painting and the eye jumps from one shape to the next shape. This contemporary abstrct oil painting is now signed and completed after weeks on the easel. It is on a gallery wrap canvas, so no frame is needed. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks for viewing this blog!

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