Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Murphy, The Dachshund

Very Wet!
Oil on 9" x 12" canvas
This dachshund belongs to Lindsey Pharr...Murphy lives in Houston, Texas. I might need to make a couple of adjustments on this painting, but it is extremely wet right now. I used Yellow Ochre, Cad Red, Burnt Umber and Violet to get his rusty burnt color on his hair. This impressionistic painting has broad brushstrokes loaded with paint. My reference photograph was not real good, and I could not tell what color his little eyes were, but they were pretty dark....dark umber or close to black. I need to study this little fellow some more before I sign it. And maybe a few strokes on the red collar. I could not see the doggie tag in the photo, but it could be a Texas A & M dog tag.


  1. Murphy is so cute. This was a fun picture to paint, I'll bet. I'm sure Lindsey will be crazy about it. I love the colors you used - you nailed his coat!

  2. Thanks, Carol....I will put a few finishing touches on Murph tomorrow. He needs to rest.