Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pastoral Scene

This painting has a new home in Illinois....this image is a little different from many of my paintings....I toned the color down. It is peaceful. Not alot of movement. I wanted the viewer to imagine that he or she is out on the Texas landscape...far from the city or the hussle and bussle of anyone. The grazing sheep are images that don't have alot of detail because they are small compared to the vast landscape. The canvas has big, open sky on the painting, so I am sure that some people could imagine this being in Montana or somewhere out west. (At least west of Dallas.) My inspiration for this painting was an old photograph out of an album....I really don't know where the pic was taken, and I added the sheep for interest. I have painted three paintings with sheep, and hope to do more. Thanks for viewing this blog, and I will be painting at the studio today and hope to post the rooster that I started yesterday. Dallas is in for more snow and bad weather, so I hope that I can get downtown. Have an artful day!!!

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