Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jackson Hole Chapel #3

Jackson Hole Chapel
Painting #3
Oil on 8" x 36" Gallery Wrap Canvas
I can post this painting now that it has been given to Raymond and Marydel as a Christmas gift from daughter Carrie. After painting two versions of this chapel, I was not satisfied. So I started slapping the paint on the mountains with a palette knife and got loose on this canvas. At one point the grass in the foreground was green.....and it blended in too much with the aspen trees. So I did scrape the paint off the fence and ground. I have been known to have "issues" with green before....everyone at the studio knows that I can get into trouble with green paint. So I used Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre and some Raw Umber on the ground. Tomorrow I will post the second painting....Have a great day, and thanks for viewing my blog!

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