Friday, December 18, 2009

On my easel...

Here are two 9" x 12" paintings that might be finished....they are sitting on my easel, and I am thinking about it. I have two other versions of this painting going also. The sky and mountians were painted first. I loved doing the mountains with the palette knife. Two things have given me problems in this painting: The color of the field and the chapel. I have changed the grass to yellow ochre, to sap green, and everything in between. The photograph I have been working from doesn't have much detail in it, and it is very hard for me to see the chapel. I may need to take a break from these paintings, as I have worked on them for two weeks. More to follow on these....I will be doing some Christmas shopping and working on our family Christmas card today. Have a good day, and thanks for viewing my blog!

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