Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dreaming by Kay Wyne

36" x 36" Oil on Heavy Duty Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Floral Painting
Layers of paint, drips of paint, palette knife work, brush work, and a large palette full of color made this painting fun and exciting for me.  I wish I had photographed all the steps and the process that I took to get to this point.  "Dreaming" was inspired by a beautiful floral bouquet.  This painting is drying at the studio after weeks of painting on it.  Contact ME for purchasing info.  I was able to start the year off with a great day of painting in the studio...Thanks for looking at my blog.  Kay


  1. Really creative - just beautiful!
    Best of luck with the challenge!

    1. Thank you, Chris....hoping we all have a creative 2016! KMW