Sunday, January 10, 2016

Abstract Nursery Art Project by Kay Wyne

Contemporary Abstract Nursery Paintings
Acrylic on Sixteen Cotton Panels
This is my latest nursery project for our new grandson.  I started with sixteen 6" x 6" RayMar Cotton Panels, painted the background white and slowly started painting shapes with the colors my daughter picked out.  She requested that the images be nonrepresentational with a certain color palette.  As I worked on the small surfaces, I kept adding and working the paint, until I felt like it was complete.  That happened three times.  I normally paint in oils, so working with the fast drying acrylics was a challenge.  I picked a simple white frame for each panel, and here is the result. I wanted a very clean but colorful presentation for the wall.     
I hope to be back in the studio today, as I have a show I an upcoming show in February.  I have several new pieces to post for the paint challenge, so check back in with me tomorrow.  Thanks, Kay Wyne


  1. What a lovely idea!!! Baby will be able to watch it for hours.
    Amazing!!! Mazal Tov!!!

  2. Thank you....Baby Charlie loves to look at it while in his crib. Kay

  3. Your daughter must be thrilled - so beautiful!!

  4. Show-stopping! Magnificent!

    How did you hang all these on the wall????? Really would love to know.