Monday, June 27, 2011

My Birthday Gift!

I had a couple of visitors drop by the studio and give me a birthday gift....a shadow box of the memoriabilia from Taste of the NFL. The shadow box is full of ticket stubs, invitations, and trinkets from the Taste of the NFL party. We all attended, and had a wonderful weekend in Ft. Worth during Super Bowl weekend in February. Thanks to Lindsay, Wes, Blake, and Merriam for such a fun and thoughtful gift. I guess after watching me in the framing business for years, they learned how to assemble a shadow box! I love it that it was made by my kiddos! Thanks so much.....have an artful day.


  1. Oh Kay, I am so sorry I forgot your birthday!!
    That is one of those very special gifts that can only come from those you love! You are well loved!

  2. What a great and thoughtful gift!! And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!