Saturday, July 11, 2009

Triptych: Day 3

What do I name this triptych?

Yesterday was productive in the studio...This triptych needs a name now that it is in it's final stages. I believe that it is too wet to move outside to photograph, so this one will have to do for now. The colors are briter and the layers of color show thru. Thanks to Mark Malone for lending me a dab of silver metallic paint...I put a few touches of it that color on, and it really highlighted some areas. The silver metallic has a little sparkle to it.

Mark Malone and John Wyne both have asked me if it is a battleship on water. I consider this painting a nonobjective abstract. It is art that is not representational, containing no recognizable figures or objects. I wanted to compose a harmonious arrangement of grids, shapes, and colour. My guidelines from my client were that the canvas needed to be horizontal in shape, and I had a list of colours to use, and not to use. So, today I will go back to the studio and work on this some more, hoping that it has dried some.

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  1. Kay, this is terrific! I really love your abstract work. Sue is lucky to have this one!