Monday, July 27, 2009



This painting is hanging in my parent's home in Illinois. It is rather large...24" x 36" canvas. It is framed up in a barn-wood frame. It is one of those paintings that kind of makes you stop and look. I painted this a while back, and my inspiration was a line of mailboxes along a country side road. I did not get to work at the studio yesterday, but I am working on a commission piece....mixed - media and hope to wrap that up today. I hope you have a good Monday! Thanks for viewing my blog.


  1. I don't remember seeing this one! No wonder, it's in your parents home. Great work!

  2. I painted this B.S. (my life before studio)
    Thank heavens I have the studio!!! And all my studio friends/partners/supporters.

  3. Hi
    It's me Tweedles. I came to visit.
    I like these mail box's! Very nice.
    I wish there was something for me in one of those mail boxes!
    See, I told you I was looking for you!