Friday, July 24, 2009

Chalk It Up, A Collaborative Canvas Creation

Chalk It Up
48" x 48" Collaborative Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Today is the deadline for an entry at the McKinney Aveue Contemporary for the membership show. We finished this piece yesterday. (Nothing like a deadline to push you!) The theme is "Fifteen". The artists are Charles William (Faciall) and myself. I met Charles through the Stewpot Art Program where I volunteer, and we thought it would be fun to work on a piece together...from start to finish. We discussed several different ideas, and one day Charles found a plastic bucket of fifteen colorful chalks. We took them outside on blistering day, and had a photograph session and played with the chalk on the hot concrete in the 105 degree Texas heat. So we had our inspiration and a reference photograph to work from.

We wanted to create something that was fun and exciting. Charles is a very talented artist who works in acrylics...and I needed to adapt to the acrylics since it had been years since I painted in acrylics. I love my oils. Anyway, we got a 48" x 48" canvas and started painting...we had to talk about it all...usually Charles and I sit down in front of the canvas and the art just pours out. We really don't discuss it...but we both needed to make sure that what we were dong was alright with the other. Soon the piece became mixed media and we added chalk and pastels to the paint to give it a chalky effect.

This collaboration was a great experience for both of us. I think we learned alot about art and about ourselves. We exchanged our views on painting methods and techniques, and exchanged conversation about our daily lives. Charles is a an extremely gifted artist, and unique individual. It was an honor to paint with Charles on this canvas. I hope that you are able to visit the exhibit at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary in August to view this fun piece of art. A portion of the sale will go to Stewpot and the MAC....It is for sale, and if you would like to purchase, please contact me at: Also, I would encourage you to visit the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Stewpot website: The Open Art Studio is a community outreach serving the at-risk populations of Dallas. It is open to all people looking for an environment to express and create through the medium of art.


  1. GREAT! I was privileged enough to get to see the two of you working on this piece together. You are both extremely talented and suited to each other's painting pace (fast). I feel certain that this painting will receive rave reviews and make a lot of money! Good for you both.

  2. This is really a great piece. You and Charles seem to have the same creative genius. You are both fortunate to have found one another. I admire your work and encouragement to those at-risk folks who need lots of caring.