Saturday, February 25, 2017

On My Easel....

On my easel...
A 36" x 36" Gallery Wrap Canvas-the beginnings of a floral landscape.
After two days of painting, I am getting my darkest darks in and working mostly with my transparent oils.  I love to start with the Olive, Magenta, Indian Yellow, Permanent Rose and Dioxazine Violet, and Caribbean Blue, as they get darker and darker the more I layer them on.  I sketched my shapes in, blocking colors in, and now I am ready to put in some details on the flowers.  I started with my Ice Blue and Cerulean for the sky, bringing it down into the field of flowers.  I am using a photo of the beautiful tulips at the Dallas Arboretum as a guide.  More on this painting later....Thanks for looking at my blog.  Kay Wyne

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