Saturday, November 10, 2012

This and that.....

This photo was taken today out in east Texas....lots and lots of painting en plein air was going on at the Devereaux's Lake House.  The creative juices were flowing......and we were boating, eating, drinking, was lots of fun.  Mike and Carol had us all out.  Photo by John Wyne.
In photo:  Ann, Cecy, Kay, Jim, Christy, Mike, Carol and Carolyn.
 Interesting landmarks in the small towns close by.....a fence made of old bicycles.
 Here is a fine bovine that I saw in Illinois last week during a ride thru McDonough County.  He was posing for me....actually cooperating when I brought the camera out.
This little piggie was skampering around an Amish farm in Illinois....he only had one ear.  OMG.
Mrs. Henry (a.k.a. Punkie) and Grandpa Charlie (my Dad!)  Our week long visit went by fast!

Tomorrow I am doing a painting demonstration and probably painting some dogs and pigs and maybe a cow.  Depends on my mood.....I will post some paintings after I finish the demo.  Thanks for looking at this blog.  Have a great weekend....Kay

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