Sunday, November 18, 2012


36" x 36" Oil and Ink on Gallery Wrap Canvas
This is a fun and loose painting...when I started out, I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted the four images to be.  The first thing I did was put out some neutral colors for the background.  I usually use bright, bold colors so I had to keep telling myself that something neutral would make the roosters pop off the canvas.  I used some ink to produce some lettering.  I had five shades of grey ink that I used.  Then I started with some lines and geometric shapes.  Then the fun part.....I started with a wide brush and put in an outline on each rooster....I was afraid that I would over-paint this, so I forced myself to put the brushes down and go home.  The next day I used a liner to suggest the details of each rooster...and I did not want each one to be the, here you go.  Quatro!  This painting is drying in the studio right now...they are fun, colorful, bold and looking for a new home.  Thanks for looking at this blog and my art.  Kay at 214-532-0325 or

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