Sunday, August 29, 2010

On my Easel...

I was able to get a FULL day of colorful painting in yesterday. It was great. I worked on several pieces, and started this palette knife painting. It is very wet and I polished of several tubes of paint since I was applying it very thick, giving it texture. I even used some of Carol and Sharon's left-over paint from their palette. I had a request from daughter Lindsay for a colorful abstract. Lindsay and Wes will probably hang this above the sofa in their cute little apartment in Lakewood after they get married. She liked the contemporary painting, "Color My Trees" which is hanging at Dutch Art Gallery now. Of course no two paintings are the same, but I started using the same concept on this painting as I did with "Color My Trees". I can't wait to work on this one today. All of these colors are bright, intense and happy. I hope that you have a colorful and artful day. Thanks for viewing this blog.

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