Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creativity: Forced vs. Effortless

After the week I have had at the studio, I discovered I was in a new state of creativity:
Forced Creativity. I had not experienced Forced Creativity until lately, and Grant at the studio informed me that he experiences in his day job. Grant told me that Forced Creativity was stressful at times. So, I thought I would share my thoughts on Forced Creativity. It happens when you are forced to do something creative…like coming up with an idea or gimmick. Usually there is a dealine envolved...the clock is ticking. It is when you TRY too hard to be creative. Then when you try too hard, the end result isn’t as wonderful as you would like it be.
Personally, I like Effortless Creativity. That is when something is created and it just flows out of you. It is easy and one thing leads to another. The ideas just happen, and the results are great. So when in front of my easel, I hope that Effortless Creativity happens...and the Forced Creativity doesn't get the best of me. If you have experienced creativity in any form, you can probably relate to what I am talking about. So let's hope that you have a creative day and it just happens naturally...and it isn't Forced Creativity!


  1. I love what you said! I am not a "forced person" at all. I shut down when I am forced to do something. If I like what I'm doing, I consider it creative - even if I'm out of my comfort zone!

  2. I like your "creativity" post. It is so true.

    Your painting is great! Love that it is abstract and the colors are beautiful!

  3. Yes, I would agree with Linda. Also, I like your sense of color and the texture in your work.