Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dutch Art Gallery Pictures

Susan Moss, myself and Laurie Pace

Sharon Hodges, myself, Karen Rike, Donna Page
Carol Morgan. These are just a few of my painting
buddies...we all paint together at Studio Art and
Soul in The Cedars. (Sharon's paintings are in the

Son Blake, daughter Lindsay, and husband John.
These three are my greatest supporters....they
encourage me to paint, paint, paint.

Lindsey (girlfriend) and Blake...they came in
from Houston to the show. Shea Baby painting
is in the background.

Those are just a few pics that I have from the
Artists of Texas Show----Somewhere in Texas:
A Painting Begins. I hope that you have the
opportunity to stop in and see the show. There
are over twenty artists displaying work until the
end of November. Thanks for looking at my blog!

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