Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wild and Wicked by Kay Wyne

Wild and Wicked
10" x 10" Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel
I just finished my first cacti painting!  This painting was inspired from a photograph taken by Sequanota friend, Martha T., who was in Tucson and caught a dynamic photograph of a blooming cactus.  The moment I saw the photograph, I wanted to paint my version of the colorful, spiney, and wild cactus.  I put layers and layers of darks in before I started with the lighter colors.  It was fun putting in the needles and colorful blooms.  I cropped and focused in on the cacti, giving the painting an abstract feel.  Thank you, Martha for letting me use your photo.  This painting is drying in the studio.  Contact Kay Wyne for more info on this painting.  Kay

p.s.  here is the photo that Martha took!

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