Saturday, April 22, 2017

Grey Day by Kay Wyne

Grey Day
36" x 36" Oil on Heavy Duty Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Abstract
Layers of muted greys, greens, and lavenders cover this large canvas in wide brush strokes.  There is some palette knife work, giving it texture.  The color palette that I used is not my usual----these colors were mixed and greyed down, all very muddy with subtle changes.  (The carribean blue, violets, purples, rose, naphthol red, and indian yellow were put away---out of my reach!)  I think this is a moody painting, and very interesting to view.  This canvas does not require a frame, as the deep sides are painted and it is ready to hang!  This painting is available for purchase.  Contact Kay Wyne for more info.  Thanks for looking!  Kay

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