Monday, October 10, 2016

Just For You - Sold

Just For You
10" x 10" Oil on Panel
Framed in a handsome mahogany moulding...This palette knife painting has a new home!  Thanks to two Dallas collectors who purchased this floral still life yesterday in the studio.  We had a good turn-out for the White Rock Open Studio Tour.  We have a painting challenge in the works, and I got a good start on it yesterday.  
Here's the still life that Sharon set up.  Kind of busy, but beautiful.
I began scrubbing in shapes, and I see some changes that need to be made compositionally ...before I go any further.  So a little scraping and re-positioning of a few objects.  This is a 40" x 40" canvas, so I have plenty of space to make changes and add more stuff!  Thanks for looking at my art.  Kay

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