Friday, June 10, 2016

Peonies, Please by Kay Wyne

Peonies, Please
24" x 24" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Still Life Painting
 "Peonies, Please" is now completed!  The beautiful white ceramic vase were provided by one of our studio mates, Robin, and the tablecloths were contributed by Sharon.  The vase alone was fun and pretty.  The arrangement of peonies were absolutely beautiful with stunning colors and beautifully shaped petals. I worked on this painting for a couple of days with the fresh flowers.  After getting called away from the studio, the flowers were long gone when I returned a couple of weeks later, so I worked from memory, and found a photograph to use as reference.  

When glancing at the arrangement, at first glance the peonies were pink.  But if you really studied them, they were magenta, pink, red, coral and shades of white.  Every petal was different and interesting.  I used a #20 Bright Monarch on the whole was a birthday gift from Sharon, so I felt like I couldn't go wrong with such a great brush in hand!  This contemporary still life is very can see the brush strokes if you get up close to the canvas.  

This painting was a challenge between several artists, and it will be interesting to see what everyone created.  This painting is drying at the studio, and is available for purchase.  Contact ME for purchasing info.  Thanks for looking at my blog...Kay

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