Saturday, June 11, 2016

Double Trouble - Abstract Diptych by Kay Wyne

Double Trouble
40" x 30"  Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
(Diptych size:  40" x 60")
I have finished Double Trouble!  This contemporary abstract was created to hang as one large piece, measuring 40" x 60", plus any wall space that might be in-between the two canvases.  With this commission, I concentrated on the color palette, and once I established my colors, put some shapes and movement on the canvas.  I used a large palette knife to apply the layers of oil colors.  The soft colors over-lap and blend into each other.  There is some texture on the surface, and you can see some choppy knife marks in the paint.  I did use impasto to get some body into the oil paints.  This painting is drying...and ready to hang!  Thanks for looking at this blog and the art posted.  Have a creative day.  Kay

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