Sunday, May 17, 2015

On my easel....

This painting is on my easel...
I started with a 36" x 60" gallery wrap canvas.
Here are a few pics of the progress.
I usually work on a tinted canvas but wanted to do something different, 
so I went with a black background on the canvas.
Then I had a few shapes sketched in very loose and abstract using chalk.
I couldn't wait to get into the paints and get color on the canvas.
I used a wide flat brush, and mixed piles of corals, pinks, magentas and violets.
I was using this photograph of a rose from our front yard planter...John's got a wonderful green thumb.  I especially liked the rose buds surrounding the flowering rose.
I realized that the rose on the left of the canvas was getting out of control and too large, so I used the palette knife and started scraping and re-shapping the petals.  This is where I stopped....I can't wait to get back into the studio and tackle this canvas.  I plan to add another large flower to balance out the composition.
Thanks for looking at this blog...Kay


  1. Kay, this is lovely already! Thank you for sharing in-progress photos. It's always helpful to see how other artists work. :)

  2. More photos to come....I am sure that this canvas will change....I have had time to look at it on the computer, which helps me. I am scraping paint off today.