Thursday, January 2, 2014


18" x 18" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Abstract Painting
I started this painting on impulse....just to throw 
paint on the canvas after working on commissions
during the month of December.  My studio mates
have asked me what it is, and I honestly don't know.

One of my fellow artists said it looked like cactus, 
another said flowers, and the one that makes 
the most sense to me was the aerial view of
a golf course. I was working with Sharon's
piles of paint since they were going to go to
waste and dry up.  It felt good to just stand in
front of the easel and paint for the sake of 
painting. The colors and shapes were put on 
the canvas...hopefully to make an interesting
canvas that will bring a smile to your face!

This is painting #2 in the
I will be back in the studio today working
on painting #3!  Thanks, Kay   


  1. The first thing I saw was wildly abstract martini glasses. So fun and bright!

  2. Well now I see the martini glasses.....thanks!