Sunday, December 8, 2013

Still Life

Still Life
6" x 8" Oil on RayMar Panel
This is a still life that I painted several years ago....and below is a quick study still life that I did yesterday.  I was comparing the two and going over my notes from yesterday's class with Qiang Huang.  He is a fabulous artist, and a very good instructor.
Still Life in progress
9" x 12" Oil on RayMar Panel
Here is my set-up at the Qiang Huang workshop...The photo has glare on it, but you can see the progress.  Painting still life forces you to really focus on the set-up, the composition, the color relationships and lighting.  Qiang is very deliberate with his brush strokes.  He puts on stroke down and leaves it....and it is always the correct color and value.  More photos tomorrow after today's class.  We are having a blast of winter weather in and snow and freezing temperatures.  It has made it hard to get to the workshop.  More tomorrow.  Thanks, Kay

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