Monday, December 9, 2013

More Still Life

Here are a few photos from the Qiang Huang workshop.  We had a winter ice storm last week giving us bitter cold temperatures.  Some of the artists could not travel into Dallas, but the ones who made the workshop had a great time.  
Yesterday's workshop with Qiang...the beginning lay-out and placement on the canvas..
I spent quite a bit of time setting up the still life, and then Qiang made a few adjustments
so that the light was hitting the objects just right, making an interesting composition.
Putting in the values, covering the canvas with paint...a mixture of unltramarine and transparent
red oxide.  Normally I would use burnt seinna in this stage, but Qiang uses this mixture beause
of the rich color and transparency.
Color was added, and I started to model and put some detail on the peppers.  I was always under the impression that wine bottles were tough to paint...but I kept it simple with some reflections and two hi-lights.  I have more work to do on the peppers and the cloth.  Qiang gave me some good advice, and I hope to complete this painting today.  Thanks for viewing....stay warm.  Kay

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