Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sun Filled Day

Sun Filled Day
24" x 20" Oil on Canvas
This pic is for Beth, who is up in Colorado tackling this still life at Don Sahli's Art Studio. I can honestly say that it was a challenge, and because the still life is sitting in a window, I had to paint fast with the light changing constantly.  There were many stages that this painting went through, and here are a few:
 Drawing it out...getting the road map on the canvas.  Something that I need to spend more time doing...drawing.
As you can see my set-up, the light is coming through the window, hitting the still life....but it all changed so fast.  I had to paint it in at the same time everyday.
Here I am starting to fill in, drawing more and making more changes.
Starting to put some color on.  Getting the darkest darks in first.  I probably could of painted this on a larger canvas, but did not realize it until I was at this stage.  I wish that I had more fabric in my painting.    Looking back on this, I learned alot on this canvas. I enjoyed seeing others paint the same still life.
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