Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three Is A Crowd

Three Is A Crowd
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas
Contemporary Oil Painting
I was in the mood for boats...and a #12 Filbert.  So I got my paints out and started sketching with the paint.  Here is a pic when I was laying the shapes out.  I had a photograph from last year's trip to Maine that I used for reference.

And then I started pushing the paint around.  I did not use any medium, so the paint is very thick.  The best part is that I painted pretty fast...I was able to work this painting in one session.

I kept layering the paint on.  I don't know why, but after I finished this painting, I immediately started a commission....another boat painting!  I can't post my progress on that one because it is a gift for someone, and I will have to wait until it is finished and shipped to Chicago.  Thanks for looking at my blog and the art posted here.  Contact me if you are interested in this  Have a good day.....Kay

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