Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Plein Air in progress...

Barn in plein air...after day one.
This is a 20" x 24" canvas, on location in 
Evergreen, Colorado.
I was challenged by the moving light and shadows 
on the barn.I had to work very this point
I had painted about 90 minutes, drawing
and painting in color.  I had to quit at this point, 
and returned the next
day to catch the details of the shadows.
I also had an issue with the sun light moving 
so quickly, that it hit the back of my easel.  So grabbing 
the right colors, focusing on 
the light and shadows and painting fast was important.  
have a green issue whenI paint, 
and tried a new approach to get some 
earthy and cool greens...lots of mixing going on.  
I probably should post a pic of my palette....
it was a real mess!
I hope to post the completed painting soon.
Thanks for viewing....Kay

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