Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

This is a unique piece of of a kind, you might say. The above photograph shows the finshed painting after I gave this old dresser mirror frame an over-haul. About two years ago I was was walking in our neighborhood, and in front of the Holtzman's house was this old shabby "thing" on the sidewalk....It was neat, but in very bad shape. Water damage, weathered and in bad shape...see below the pictures of this sad, sad frame. I knew it had potential --- for what, I wasn't sure. About a year ago we were moving some things around in the studio and I found this frame that I had stashed away, so I cleaned it up, had a piece of masonite put in it, and gessoed it. Then it sat around for three or four more months until I was in the mood to paint on it. It is pretty tall, and of course has some curves and shapes to it. I painted the aspens out onto the outside of the frame at the bottom. Once I knew what I wanted to paint, it was easy....It took me a while to figure it all out.

Somebody's trash was my treasure!

Thanks for viewing my blog. Have a great day. I hope to get to the studio and paint today. Kay at 214-532-0325 or

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  1. What an incredibly creative way to use someone else's trash. You've made it look beautiful and I love the colors you used. It's wonderful!