Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aspens - Diptych

Contemporary Aspens Diptych
48" x 60" (Two 48" x 30" canvases)
Oil Palette Knife Painting
I loved painting this was on Heavy Duty Canvas. This was a commission for a collector in Plano, Texas. I put a zig-zag dark path in the background so that the eye moves around the canvas. The color palette needed to be fall pinks, blues, purples. (I really had to watch myself on the colors....I can get carried away on it sometimes!!!) I needed the canvas to make a statement. I wanted the painting to be bold, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, with aspens being large, imposing and interesting. This palette knife painting has lots of texture. Loads of paint on this canvas. This diptych now hangs on a very large wall with high ceilings above a beautiful leather sofa. Looks great...I will be taking a pic of this in it's new home. It is amazing how art looks in the studio, then when it is placed in a lovely home it just glows... I am thrilled that this painting has a new home!!!
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