Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheers to Twenty Years

Cheers to Twenty Years
Commission for Taste of the NFL
Mixed Media - 30" x 24" Gallery Wrap Canvas

“Cheers to Twenty Years” is a mixed media art piece exploring the purpose of The Taste of the NFL, the chefs, and events that have taken place in the past twenty years. It is a work of art celebrating the parties with purpose. The canvas tells the story of many memories past…ticket stubs, cookbook covers, wine labels, the thirty-two NFL teams, chefs, and the mission statement. The longhorn, bandana and map of North Texas add a Texas flavor to the canvas. A wine glass and confetti are reminders of parties past. Deep rich colors, lines, shapes and images allow the eye to move all over the canvas. I was truly inspired by the commitment and generosity of so many people who have been associated with this organization. My goal was to capture and celebrate the spirit of The Taste of the NFL on canvas.
I can't wait for Super Bowl time in Texas!!! Thanks to Heather Walther and Heritage Auction Galleries for photographing the canvas. Special thanks to Liz Brown and Taste of the NFL for giving me the opportunity to work on this project. I enjoyed every minute of it, and we are looking forward to the Taste of the NFL events coming to North Texas in February 2011! Thanks for viewing my art...Kay

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  1. Great work Kay - your color balance keeps my eyes moving around the canvas, busy but not overly so. Congrats and lucky collectors!