Monday, October 25, 2010

On my easel....

I am back in Dallas after a trip to Macomb, Illinois. I did not know what I wanted to paint, and put a large canvas on my easel yesterday. I started with some earthy colors, but gradually started applying some blues. I wanted to apply thick layers of paint with the palette knife, and have a good start on it. I will put some aspen trees in the painting today. It was really good to get back in the studio and see some of my studio partners.
I was amazed at the color I saw in the leaves in the midwest. That was a bonus for me on this trip. My mother is currently in the hospital, and this tree was outside the front door of the hospital. I think it is the only picture that I took all week. Everything took a backseat--- as my mother's health is deteriorating and her health care was the priority. I usually get some livestock, barn and landscape pictures while traveling, but not this trip. Thanks for viewing this blog....


  1. Kay, I look forward to seeing another of your powerful paintings! It's wonderful seeing how you begin the process. I hope your mother is home and well again very soon.

  2. Thanks, Nancy....see you soon. Happy Painting!