Friday, October 1, 2010

On my easel....

I changed the green up, and added more paint and details to the aspens today. More paint, more shapes, more work on this painting tomorrow.
This is one of the projects I have been working on this week...a dyptych in oils. Each heavy-duty canvas is 48" x 30", so overall size is 48" x 60"...I have gone through numerous tubes of paint on this painting already. I have more color and depth to put in, and then the aspens need more paint. Actually, this is not my easel...I am using Sharon's easel because it large enough to hold two canvas' side by side. Tomorrow I will post the painting sitting on my easel.

I went to the studio everyday this week to paint, and then today painted en plein aire....outside. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm October afternoon, and was fun painting with an old friend and a new friend. The location of the paint-out was great. I hope to go back tomorrow!!! Thanks for viewing this blog, and looking at my art. Have a great weekend!

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