Saturday, September 4, 2010


Look what John, Sharon and I did today....we transported this very wet canvas to Wes' apartment, let ourselves in and hung "Starting a New Life"! Yes, it took all three of us. It is amazing how our paintings look while we are working on them in the studio. Studio Art and Soul is a working studio, so once the art is out of the studio and in a gallery or a looks even better. I hope that Lindsay and Wes like it. John and I sat in the living room and commented that for such a small space, a very large canvas was just what the decorating doctor ordered. The warm grey background really grounds the painting, and pics up the nuetral in the sofa. Wes is at his bachelor party in Memphis, Tennesseeand Lindsay is at her bachelorette bash in Charleston, South Carolina. So hopefully they will be surprised when they return. Here I am sitting on the sofa in the cute little apartment.


  1. Kay, the painting is awesome!! It doesn't look as large as it did in the studio! It is a decorator's dream! Fabulous colors and the warm gray is a perfect background. What a success! I am sure Wes and Lindsay will love it. Good job hanging it guys.

  2. Thanks so much! I can't wait for Lindsay and Wesley to see it. I hope they like it since they will be living with it!!!!!