Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dipped N Vip

Dipped N Vip
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
12" x 16"
This painting is dedicated to my nephew, Casey Settles. I used a 2008 photograph of him and Dipped N Vip (yes, that is the horse's name) as a reference for this contemporary oil painting. The brush strokes are loose and don't have much of detail. The photograph I was using was taken indoors, but I put Casey and the horse outdoors. I am told that Dipped N Vip is a very special horse, and it is owned by Black Hawk Community College, located in Illinois. He is very handsome and had great colors.

I started this painting last week, and to my surprise I was informed that Casey would be representing West Texas A & M in the Inter-Collegiate Horse Show and Regionals in Gainesville, Texas. Since he would be competing about an hour from Dallas, John, Lindsay and I went to the horse show last Saturday. That was a neat experience to see six schools compete, with the two top equestrian riders moving on to the Semi-Finals in Los Angeles, California. Congratulations to Casey....he placed second, and will be competing in LA!!!! "Whoop!", as my Aggie son would say!!!

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