Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Herself At The Landing" by Kay Wyne

"Herself At The Landing"
24" x 24" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Palette Knife Painting
This painting was inspired from an evening dinner at The Landing in Ironton, Michigan with my husband, John last July.  We were eating and this really cool boat (which we had seen from a distance on Lake Charlevoix earlier in the evening) pulls up to the dock.  It was our last day of our Up North vacation, and we were thrilled to meet Jim, the owner of "Herself".  We got a personal tour and after that, I had to paint her.  I wanted to paint the spirit and feeling that we had while watching her in the lake.
Starting with a toned canvas, the 24" x 24" Gallery Wrap Canvas is ready for some drawing.  I believe that I used a scarlet red diluted with Gamsol.
Figuring out my horizon line and putting in the dock, as it will anchor the painting.
I took a three month break from the painting at this stage.  I lost my interest and wasn't sure where the painting was going, so I moved on to some other paintings.  Getting my darkest darks in on the water.  I used a palette knife to apply and move the thick oils around. 
Back at it, and I am using a photograph that I took last summer for reference. 
Had to add the Michigan St. flag, the American flag, and some pops of color, using a filbert and bright brushes.  I loved the outdoor lights on the dock and outside eating I added lights in the painting.  "Herself" is drying on my easel at the studio...I hope you enjoyed seeing the process I went through.  Contact Kay Wyne for more information on this nautical painting.  Kay

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