Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stop and Smell the Flowers by Kay Wyne

Stop and Smell the Flowers
Runner-up in the 2015 Catholic Foundation Plaza Arts Competition
Not For Sale

When I was painting this contemporary still life, I was thinking of the phrase, “Stop and Smell the Flowers”, which is the title of this painting.  I wanted to create a unique painting with the beautiful colors and interesting shapes in the arrangement that I had set up in the studio, and transfer them to the canvas.   There is something special about painting from is so much better than painting from memory or even a photo.  Painting this floral arrangement from life gave me the opportunity to capture the true essence of the flowers.  I want the viewer to feel the fullness and freshness that I experienced while painting.  I used a palette knife and wide brush to apply the thick, juicy oils on the canvas.  

I can't wait to see the winner of the Plaza Arts Competition in downtown Dallas...the unveiling of the art on the building will take place next month.  Congrats to the winner, Stuart Hausmann.

I am back in the studio getting ready for an exhibit in February, 2016...sounds like it is far away, but actually it is right around the corner.   I have several more florals on the easel, and working on some equine paintings.  Thanks for looking at this blog....Kay Wyne 


  1. Hi Kay, I have been admiring your work for sometime - love your use of color. Congratulations on this piece in the competition.
    - Connie

  2. Thanks so much for following my art journey, Connie. I do love color! I enjoyed every minute of painting this one! Kay